Halloween Film Festival 2018

6:00 am - 7:35 am

Camp Crystal Lake reopens after a series of accidents.

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"Fridays will never be the same again."

Directed by Sean S. Cunningham Written by Victor Miller Starring Betsy Palmer Adrienne King Harry Crosby Laurie Bartram View Full Cast
1980 R 95 Min

7:40 am - 9:07 am

Summer camp opens once again and this time Jason has grown up.

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"The body count continues..."

Directed by Steve Miner Written by Ron Kurz Starring Amy Steel John Furey Adrienne King Kirsten Baker View Full Cast
1981 R 87 Min

9:12 am - 10:47 am

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"Camp Crystal Lake's bloody legacy!"

1982 R 95 Min

10:52 am - 12:29 pm

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"Jason's Back, and this is the one you've been screaming for."

Directed by Joseph Zito Written by Barney Cohen Martin Kitrosser Starring Kimberly Beck Erich Anderson Corey Feldman Barbara Howard View Full Cast
1984 R 97 Min

12:34 pm - 2:06 pm

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"If Jason still haunts you, you're not alone!"

Directed by Danny Steinmann Written by Martin Kitrosser David Cohen Danny Steinmann Starring Anthony Barrile Melanie Kinnaman Suzanne Bateman Dominick Brascia View Full Cast
1985 R 92 Min

2:11 pm - 3:37 pm

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"Kill or be killed!"

Directed by Tom McLoughlin Written by Tom McLoughlin Starring Thom Mathews Jennifer Cooke David Kagen Kerry Noonan View Full Cast
1986 R 86 Min

3:42 pm - 5:12 pm

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"Jason is back, but this time someone's waiting!"

Directed by John Carl Buechler Written by Daryl Haney Manuel Fidello Starring Kane Hodder Lar Park-Lincoln Susan Jennifer Sullivan Kevin Spirtas View Full Cast
1988 R 90 Min

5:17 pm - 6:57 pm

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"The Big Apple's in BIG trouble!"

Directed by Rob Hedden Written by Victor Miller Rob Hedden Starring Todd Shaffer Tiffany Paulsen Tim Mirkovich Kane Hodder View Full Cast
1989 R 100 Min

7:02 pm - 8:33 pm

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"Evil has finally found a home."

Directed by Adam Marcus Written by Jay Huguely Adam Marcus Dean Lorey Starring Kane Hodder John D. LeMay Kari Keegan Steven Williams View Full Cast
1993 R 91 Min

8:38 pm - 10:11 pm

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"Evil Gets An Upgrade"

Directed by James Isaac Written by Victor Miller Todd Farmer Starring Kane Hodder Lexa Doig Chuck Campbell Lisa Ryder View Full Cast
2001 R 93 Min

10:16 pm - 11:53 pm

Scary Cheesy
Sleazy Gory

"Winner Kills All"

Directed by Ronny Yu Written by Wes Craven Victor Miller Damian Shannon Mark Swift Starring Robert Englund Ken Kirzinger Monica Keena Jason Ritter View Full Cast
2003 R 97 Min

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